[Linux-aus] Council of Australian Linux User Groups

James Purser james at jamespurser.com.au
Mon Mar 17 00:44:37 EST 2008

> 1. What is F2F? It sounds like sometyhing that "is not family oriented", 
> and, "not suitable for people under the age of 18".

Bret, F2F == Face to Face, in much the same way that P2P stands for Peer
to Peer.

> 2. Isn't this proposed "Council of LUGS", what Linux Australia was 
> supposed to be, where each state had its state body, with Linux 
> Australia being a federation of such organisations?

Linux Australia is meant to be many things, unfortunately it's role as
supporter of LUGs needs a bit of a kick along. The Council of LUGs is a
brilliant idea and one that has my whole hearted support. It builds on
what Karin was trying to do with the old LUG Roundup segments, and if
it's done right and has the required amount of energy applied it could
really boost LUGs around the country.

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