[Linux-aus] Ubuntu updates

Harrison Conlin me at harrisony.com
Thu Mar 13 04:28:34 EST 2008

On 3/13/08, Kanchana Wickremasinghe <kanchana at fossmart.net> wrote:

> Strangely I found out that the best sever to connect and get the updates
> is the one in France. Don't ask me why. My ISP is Telstra and I am on a
> ADSL connection.
You may be interested to know that Telstra has a Ubuntu mirror that is
unmeteted (to the best of my knowledge)
The only thing is that they don't mirror multiverse so you have to use
another mirror for that

deb http://mirror.gamearena.com.au/ubuntu/ gutsy main restricted universe
deb http://mirror.gamearena.com.au/ubuntu/ gutsy-updates main
restricted universe
deb http://mirror.gamearena.com.au/ubuntu gutsy-security main
restricted universe
deb http://mirror.pacific.net.au/ubuntu/ gutsy multiverse
deb http://mirror.pacific.net.au/ubuntu/ gutsy-updates multiverse
deb http://mirror.pacific.net.au/ubuntu/ gutsy-security main restricted universe
#uncomment for backports
#deb http://mirror.gamearena.com.au/ubuntu/ gutsy-backports main
restricted universe
#deb http://mirror.pacific.net.au/ubuntu/ gutsy-backports multiverse

Harrison Conlin
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