[Linux-aus] Microsoft Offer to Australian University Students

David Joshua Geary dgeary2 at une.edu.au
Thu Mar 6 22:20:39 UTC 2008

Hi, I'm at the University of New England.

> I'm a student at Monash university, today I received an email from the
> University, regarding an offer made by Microsoft to all Australian Uni
> students for it's MSOffice 2007 suite.
I have not received that email.

If nothing else, the name of the website makes it look very shifty
"http://www.itsnotcheating.com.au/". What, exactly, is not cheating?

> Being very new, I wondered whether, we as individuals or Linux Australia
> as a whole could do anything to perhaps better inform students.
My suggestion would be to alert your IT Department to the email.
Does your university have a mailing list where everybody is automatically
subscribed, because maybe you could send an explanatory email there.
You said that the email came from the university. Do you know which office
sent the email. Maybe you could speak to them.

For me, I am just not going to say anything. Bad publicity is better than
no publicity.

> I know most (if not all) lecturers here don't accept MS new *.docx
> format!
The new docx format is not supported by the IT Directorate here, and all
of the faculties (except Computer Science) seem to just go with the flow.

These are all just suggestions. Don't feel obliged to do anything.

David Joshua Geary
Please don't make me send files in proprietary data formats.
I use liberty software.
There are many open formats available.
Open-Document, ogg, etc...

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