[Linux-aus] Microsoft Offer to Australian University Students

James Collier james.collier412 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 11:05:45 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm a student at Monash university, today I received an email from the
University, regarding an offer made by Microsoft to all Australian Uni
students for it's MSOffice 2007 suite.
The main gist of the email is as follows:

Microsoft is offering the top of the range Ultimate 2007 version of 
Microsoft Office to all Australian university students at a low price
a limited time.

This offer is available until 15 May 2008.

What are the options and how much is it?
There are three options. You can:
*       buy the product outright for $75.00
*       buy the product for 12 months for $25.00. At the end of 12
you can pay an additional $50 to purchase the product outright
*       download a free trial.

The recommended retail price for this product is $1150.

Conditions of purchase
*       You must use your Monash email address when ordering a copy.
*       A password is needed to place an order -- DO NOT use your
*       Each student may buy only one copy, that is, one copy per email 

Where do I go with my queries?
This is a Microsoft promotion and Monash University will not provide 
support to students in relation to their purchase. 
All queries regarding ordering, customer service and other general 
enquiries should be directed to the FAQs and customer service section 
which is available on the Microsoft 'It's not cheating' website.

How can I order and pay for a copy?
*       You can order a copy online at the Microsoft 'Its not cheating' 
website below.
*       Payment is by credit card only.

To purchase or trial the software or for more information go to 
Microsoft's colourful orange and yellow site at: 

Other than the dirty looking man in the website, and the suspicious
method of payment, it annoys me that Microsoft is once again using it's
marketing power to lure people who might otherwise use FOSS office
suites to a cheap version of the "standard" office suite.

Being very new, I wondered whether, we as individuals or Linux Australia
as a whole could do anything to perhaps better inform students.

I know most (if not all) lecturers here don't accept MS new *.docx

Thanks for your help,
James Collier

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