[Linux-aus] Grant proposal: Software Freedom Day CDs for Australia

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Thu Jun 19 13:03:07 EST 2008

Hi all,

<quote who="Arjen Lentz">

> For ubuntu, why not just issue a special SoftwareFreedomDay request to  
> shipit.ubuntu.com
> They do the Ubuntu disk thing for free already. You just need to give  
> 'em enough time to get it done + sent to you.

<sfi hat>

Canonical already sponsor 15k of CDs for the teams supported directly by
Software Freedom International. There aren't hundreds sent to each team, but
usually enough for the teams to have a good event, and in particular the
teams who can't afford or organise local CDs (due to bandwidth, hardware,
etc). Many of the teams from richer countries actually pass on having Ubuntu
CDs sent by SFI and do it locally to help ensure SFD CDs to teams that
really need them.

</sfi hat>

So I'd suggest getting local resources to get more CDs for Aussie teams :) I
think the gold coin donation is great and team members could perhaps also
give them out at their discretion when it makes sense.


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