[Linux-aus] Proposal for Barcamp Gold Coast funding

Steve Dalton linux at steve.dalts.net
Wed Jun 18 08:15:15 EST 2008

Any updates on this. I sent to the council email address too - but  
that one bounced back as it is a mailing list.
Is there anywhere else I should send this. I am hoping to finalise all  
of this in the next couple of days as it is only just over 2 weeks now  
until the BarCamp happens.

On 12/06/2008, at 10:25 PM, Steve Dalton wrote:

> Dear All,
> Please find below my proposal for a LA grant for the inaugural  
> Barcamp Gold Coast. Sorry for the short notice, we wanted to get the  
> Barcamp in quickly in the mid semester break and also while people  
> are still energised from Barcamp Brisbane last month.
> Date: 5th July 2008
> Project Name: Barcamp Gold Cosat
> Aim of Project: Kickstart BarCamp on the Gold Coast
> Person Resposible for Request: Steve Dalton
> Request: The Gold Coast has a population of over 500,000, a growing  
> IT industry, but unfortunately very little in the way of developer  
> community - particularly in Open Source. There are a lot of  
> companies that naturally seem to gravitate towards Microsoft &  
> dotnet for development, and many I know of have little or no  
> knowledge of the alternatives. A handful of companies are using PHP  
> and Perl, and some now are getting into things like RoR, Python &  
> Groovy/Grails - but this is still a very small percentage.
> Recently we have seen the main open source group on the Gold Coast -  
> GCLUG, disintegrate into a mailing list - there are no meetings and  
> people who have been actively involved in the past are burnt out and  
> have lost enthusiasm. Out of frustration I got involved in the  
> Brisbane Barcamp - helping to organise 2 very successful events.  
> Most of the funding for the 1st Barcamp was from me and another  
> person paying for it ourselves from our consulting companies, the  
> 2nd was funded by a $1000 donation from Microsoft. Back on the Gold  
> Coast we also started an Open Source Developers Group (OSDGC) and we  
> have started meeting informally  (no funding) - there is a lot of  
> energy in this little group.
> From doing the Barcamps and talking to people in OSDGC, we have  
> decided to have a go at organising a Gold Coast Barcamp. With the  
> help of Steven Tucker a student at Griffith Uni and long time GCLUG  
> member we have managed to get some rooms for free at Griffith Uni  
> for an event to be held on Saturday 5th July. We already have a fair  
> bit of interest and I have located a lot of Gold Coast people that I  
> didn't know of through the various social networks (linked and  
> twitter in particular).
> I currently have a couple of potential sponsors - but I am not sure  
> if these will come through, so I am asking Linux Australia for their  
> help as I know they have funded barcamps in the past. I would like  
> to apply for a grant of $500 which will cover our minimum expenses.  
> Even with other sponsors I would really like to see OSS represented  
> - having MS as the only sponsor at the last Brisbane barcamp was a  
> little disappointing. Depending on how much total sponsorship we  
> get, these are some of the things we could spend the money on:
> - Lunch
> - Tshirts
> - Prizes for best presenation
> - Book Giveaway (hoping to get some donated books from publishers  
> for this)
> - Posters around Unis publicising event
> - Stationary (markers, butchers paper etc)
> - Publicity (possibly advert in the paper)
> - After Party
> In relation to Open Source we would like to use the Barcamp as an  
> opportunity to restart the GCLUG and publicise some of the  
> activities that we have planned on the Gold Coast for Software  
> Freedom day. As an past attendee/member of some of these things am  
> also happy to promote LCA, OSDC, LA, OSIA and QLD Lugs to people  
> attending. I would also like to gain some support for OSDGC with a  
> view to making it a regular organised gathering for local Open  
> Source Developers.
> We have some potential press in the local newspaper (not a lot  
> happens in IT on the Coast - so I am hoping we will get some  
> coverage) and I will try my best to get LA and FOSS mentioned in the  
> article if it gets to print.
> Please get back to me if you have any further questions. All of the  
> information we have so far is on the barcamp wiki at http://barcamp.org/BarCampGoldCoast
> cc: Linux Australia mailing list
> Regards
> Steve
> ps. Apologies for the hastily crafted email - I wanted to get this  
> out before I went to bed - as I have very little time to work on  
> this stuff with a very busy day-job.
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