[Linux-aus] Grant proposal: Software Freedom Day CDs for Australia

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Fri Jun 13 13:38:47 EST 2008

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Hi everyone,

I would like to propose that Linux Australia fund the production of FOSS CDs
for Software Freedom Day:

= Aim =

I'm aiming to get the CDs that are commonly handed out at Software Freedom Day
printed and distributed in Australia.  This will reduce the cost of shipping
CDs for Software Freedom International and increase the likelihood that groups
will get a usable quantity of CDs - in the past groups have often ended up
with 25 CDs or less due to demand on Software Freedom International, cost of
shipping and printing supply problems.  If we can increase their availability
to other groups by catering for ourselves then that is a good thing.

In addition I'm aiming to get professional quality glass mastering and colour
screen printing on the CDs to improve their appearance over home-burnt CD-Rs.

Software Freedom Day is turning into the premier event to get the benefits of
FOSS across to the every day person, and as such I see this as fitting ideally
into Linux Australia's mission to stimulate community interest and participation.

= Definitions =

i) The 'target' CDs are the latest available version of the OpenDisc
(http://theopendisc.com) and Ubuntu 'Hardy' LTS version 8.04 in 32-bit and
64-bit Intel versions.  I anticipate a 80%/20% split between 32-bit and 64-bit
of the latter.  I would prefer to keep the range of distributed objects to a
minimum for simplicity and to ensure a better price.

ii) I should say at the outset that I'm happy to do the work of this - i.e. by
"Linux Australia" I mean "me on behalf of Linux Australia" if the latter wants
to.  Obviously the former is shorter and means LA is in control; but I don't
have to 'own' the entire process.

= Proposal =

1) Linux Australia contacts all known LUGs and organisers of Software Freedom
Day events in Australia and asks them to nominate the number of CDs of each
they feel they will need for Software Freedom Day and for other similar events
in the future.  The groups are requested to raise funds on their own to offset
the printing costs.

1a) New Zealand groups may be approached at Linux Australia's discretion with
the same offer - shipping may cost slightly more but probably still less than
it would for a small group and they can get more than getting CDs from SFI.

2) From this, Linux Australia approaches a competitive CD duplicator to get
the target CDs printed based on the number of CDs requested in 1) and whatever
fudge factor may apply.  An application should be made for a special rate
given that this is a worthy cause and that Linux Australia would thank them
publically (or similar cross-promotion deal).

2a) The appropriate colour artwork, disk images, and paperwork are submitted
to the chosen CD duplicator.  If possible I would like to support printing in
Australia as opposed to overseas for ethical reasons, even if it slightly more

3) Linux Australia then pays for these CDs to be mailed to the contacts for
each group.  It may be possible for the printing company to handle this kind
of distribution themselves.

4) The money each group has raised is forwarded to Linux Australia to offset
its costs.  This is assumed to be less than the total printing and
distribution costs of the CDs but is still worthwhile.

= Steps =

a) If approved, I will start doing the mailout to LUGs and SFD groups, to get
those figures by the second week of July.

b) By the end of July I will have a firm quote of the duplication cost for
Linux Australia, and the numbers of CDs requested.

c) I will arrange for printing to happen during August to be ready and shipped
to each group's contact no later than the end of August.

d) I will then aim for the group's contributions to the printing costs to be
sent back to Linux Australia by the end of September.

= Estimate =

In Canberra we gave away about 1,500 OpenCDs and 1,500 Ubuntu CDs and we could
have easily given away double that - so assume 5,000 CDs for one group as a
conservative estimate.  There are seven groups registered on the Software
Freedom Day map (http://cgi.softwarefreedomday.org/map.shtml) at the moment,
and assuming Sydney also runs a SFD event that would make 40,000 CDs - 20,000
of each.  I have a quote from Replicat (a company in Sydney) of $0.44 per CD -
this includes glass master printing, four-colour screen-printed labels, and
each CD to be put in a separate paper envelope.  Delivery is an extra $600,
and Replicat have said they can have do the delivery process themselves.  Thus
a typical costing for this example would be around $20,020.00.

Our experience for SFD Canberra was that we were able to raise $350 from
various donations to pay for about CD-Rs that we burnt and distributed.  So we
might conservatively look like getting about $2,400 back from groups.  So,
yes, Linux Australia is bearing the bulk of the cost for this.  One might hope
that we could raise more funds than this in the future.

= Comment =

Comment on this proposal is greatly appreciated - I am open to any suggestions
for improving this proposal.  I would like to hear back on this preferably by
the end of June to fit in with my timeline above.

Thanks in advance,

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