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Steve Dalton linux at steve.dalts.net
Thu Jun 12 20:06:07 EST 2008

Thanks for your comments Guys

I am writing a formal proposal now and I will send to the appropriate  

We are thinking long term for the event, at least every year - we  
think there are plenty of people in the wings that will sponsor  
subsequent ones - we just need to bootstrap the first one and get some  
interest going (and get some good publicity).

Re the comment about promoting Linux and OSS - one of our ulterior  
motives of doing this is also to drawn in people to the GCLUG (which  
has stagnated badly lately) and promote what we will be doing for  
software freedom day. Griffith Uni are also taking a very keen  
interest in Open source in industry (this is how I ended up getting  
the location - they originally approached me about locating someone to  
talk at a OSS lecture) so we should get some of their students and  
lecturers along.

We are hoping to get something in the local free newspaper (and  
possible the main paper - the Bulletin) and I will be sure to try and  
get Linux and FOSS mentioned. We already have a little possible  
sponsorship from a local recruiter (who seem to be very open source  
friendly and eager to learn about alternatives to the usual dotnet  
stuff that we see a lot of here) and hopefully some book donations  
from a publisher.

We are really keen to make this is the start of something good on the  
coast - we have half a million people living here now, the IT industry  
is growing quite rapidly but we still have very little developer  
"community" here.


On 12/06/2008, at 11:44 AM, James Turnbull wrote:

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> Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> | On Wed, 2008-06-11 at 20:17 +1000, Steve Dalton wrote:
> |
> |> I was just looking on the linux.org.au website and noticed the  
> section
> |> on grants - is this scheme still active?
> |
> | Should be, but AFAIK the current Council haven't announced who the  
> new
> | Grants Tzar is (or even if there is one) and there hasn't been any
> | visible action this year on the grants scheme.
> |
> | There have been grants approved for Bar Camps in the past so I'd  
> suggest
> | you go ahead and submit a proposal both to this list and to
> | council at linux.org.au and see what happens. $500 would probably be  
> a very
> | reasonable request that would be likely to be approved, provided you
> | specify in your proposal what it would be used for at the Bar Camp  
> and
> | how that would benefit the FOSS community.
> What Jonathan said.  The scheme is still active.  Melissa Draper and
> myself have been looking at the grants programme this year but we've  
> had
> a very small number of requests thus far and obviously need to do some
> more to promote the scheme.
> Thanks
> James Turnbull
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