[Linux-aus] Education Expo call for volunteers!

Melissa Draper melissa at meldraweb.com
Sat Jun 7 03:13:57 UTC 2008


The education expo[0] is on next weekend (14-15 June, 9am-4pm daily) at 
Rosehill Racecourse, Sydney.

Similarly to previous years, Linux Aus will have a stand there and as 
usual, we will need help to greet, engage with and enlighten the 
expected 10,000+[1] visitors with literature and shiny CDs.

The expo is a free event, so if you can help out for a even just a few 
hours, then please let me know.

[0] http://exexpo.info
[1] p12 of the exhibitors handbook: 

Melissa Draper

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