[Linux-aus] [Osia-discuss] If you could ask Microsoft a question...

squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Wed Jan 16 05:23:57 UTC 2008

Randall Crook wrote:
> Jeff Waugh wrote:
>> <quote who="Jiri Baum">
>>> Mark Phillips:
>>>>> I think we have more to lose than gain by this meeting and should
>>>>> focus our efforts elsewhere.
>>> Jeff Waugh:
>>>> I've yet to be convinced that there's much of consequence to be lost,
>>>> given the venue and subject matter. 
>>> Agreed, not much is likely to be lost; but neither is it going to be the
>>> "lions' mouth" that you were so optimistic about earlier.
>>> And, of course, Mark is right - there's an opportunity cost. We could have
>>> had a talk about a technology - any technology - rather than a company.
>>> Since when are LUG talks titled by company rather than technology/project,
>>> anyway?
>> You've made your concerns and disinterest clear. Given that you're not even
>> in Sydney, and that SLUG is going ahead with it anyway, I'm not sure you are
>> going to achieve anything through repetitive negativity and argumentation.
>> - Jeff
> Hi all,
if I could ask Microsoft a question, I already have (Not expecting an 
answer).  That is why do they as good as call me/others a thief, when 
after installing XP I still have to contact them to prove I have a valid 
copy. Sorry but I find this to be insulting and offensive, and am sure 
anywhere else would possibly be grounds to sue. I can circumvent this by 
removing and re-installing every 29 days anyway, will give me another 29 
Another question would be,  why is it so hard to get a refund, am at 
present trying :-) .

I feel that Linux should be very careful at this meeting, I seriously 
doubt they wish to attend out of the goodness of their hearts.

take Care


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