[Linux-aus] LA: my plans for 2008

brenda aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Wed Jan 16 06:40:54 UTC 2008

Mark Phillips wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> Pia and I are in the process of finalising an OSIA Newsletter.
> Keeping the two consistent would go a long way to
> keeping our "message on target" for Open Source in general.
> So I'm willing to through some time into this,

in what way are you considering "keeping the two consistent" and which 
message are you wanting to keep on target?

Whilst there is significant commonality between the two groups 
unquestionably, there is also a significant difference between the 
missions of the two groups.  If it were not so, then there would be a 
merging of the two groups over time.

I think its important to maintain that separation into the future which 
is not to say that awareness and cross fertilisation of ideas and 
messages should not occur.

my 2c worth.


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