[Linux-aus] [Osia-discuss] If you could ask Microsoft a question...

Karl Bowden karlbowden at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 03:25:45 UTC 2008

Well, I've been delaying on commenting on this thread as I did not
want to be involved in any flame wars that looked to ensue. My
position is as a home user who's home has been free of windows for
about 7 years now, and as an IT Manager who also cannot escape use of
Microsoft products in various areas.

First I would like to congradulate Microsoft on their release of
Vista. Since it's release two of my Family members have embraced
Ubuntu because it was just easier to learn (eventually). They do not
care about free software philosophy. They just want to browse the web
and play music and movies, and yet they have still found Ubuntu a
better choice than Vista. And anybody I talk to learns that I love
Vista, because it's more computers I refuse to fix.

> > I too have serious doubts whether anything good will come out of this.
> Maybe nothing useful will come of it. Maybe nothing wonderful will come of
> it. Neither suggest that something bad will come of it. Seriously... We're
> talking about a few MS people at a LUG meeting. This is not a make-or-break
> situation here. Those who don't care for it don't have to come (and I say
> that plainly, without any intended allusions, just in case anyone else was
> worried).
> > I think we have more to lose than gain by this meeting and should focus
> > our efforts elsewhere.
> I've yet to be convinced that there's much of consequence to be lost, given
> the venue and subject matter. It all sounds very Chicken Little to me. This
> indicates not just an irrational approach to issues pertaining to Microsoft,
> but a lack of trust in the people who lead and participate in LUGs.

Being involved in a mixed environment of servers and forced
interoperability I would like to hear what Microsoft has to say on the
direction they are taking with their 'Open Standards' plan and weather
it actually be useful or a hindrance to those involved in Open Source
Alas I am to far away to attend though but would like a ogg vid if
anybody captures one.
I'm also fairly confident in the SLUG committee to represent the
interests of 'a good number' of linux users well. They cant please all
the people all the time and I dont expect them to.
Treading lightly as to not start any more sparks, my confidence is
reassured by the position that Jeff (and others, but Jeff's opinion
was more vocal) took on OOXML. It's not something we may want, and we
have to do what we can to try and push open standards, but good luck
trying to force Microsoft to support ODF. OOXML support is something I
just see as being inevitable for Linux to support for business use.
That does not mean we are promoting it, just enabling our users the
best opportunity of interoperability. And the same to with a
discussion with Microsoft reps at a SLUG meeting. Just because they
will be involved in discussion does not mean we are supporting them or
giving in on any of our standards.

The fact is that weather we ignore them or not Microsoft will not just
go away overnight (Unless they release another Vista).

- Karl

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