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Dave Davey daved at windclimber.id.au
Mon Jan 14 06:12:08 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jan 14, 2008 at 12:24:04PM +1100, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> The #1 lesson that I'd like to pass on to the next President is that
> regular communication is absolutely vital - I'd say more important than
> any other thing you do. At Pia's suggestion I was fairly good about this
> during my first 2 terms with reasonably regular reports sent to the
> linux-aus list. In 2007 it totally fell over and members could be
> forgiven for thinking we'd fallen asleep at the wheel. In reality a huge
> amount happened in 2007 but I simply did not communicate it regularly
> enough to allow people to get a sense of where things were going and
> what was happening elsewhere in the organisation. That was totally my
> fault and I accept responsibility for it.

The Australian Physiological Society had a similar communication problem.
It appointed a Newsletter Editor which proved an excellent strategy.
The newletter is published electronically on a quarterly basis.  The Editor
does not have to write anything, but only to solicit items for publication
(of which there are often many) and sometimes to gently prod the President to
summarize activities, past and future.  The result has greatly surpassed
expectations.  Members who would not read every email on a discussion list
do read the newsletter, so it has become a very effective communication tool.
It is also an effective way of distributing the communication load, and
to provide a form of historical record.

Something for LA to consider?


[ see www.aups.org.au/Newsletter/ for examples ]

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