[Linux-aus] [Osia-discuss] Re: If you could ask Microsoft a question, what would it be?

Harish Pillay harish.pillay at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 02:11:22 UTC 2008

While on the topic of MS speaking at a LUG event, I had a similar request
by MS to speak at the Singapore LUG in 2006.  The request came from
MS and they wanted to have two persons to come talk to the membership.

As president of the Singapore LUG, I posed this to the committee and we
were all in favour.

When working out the details, the MS offer slowly disintegrated. I asked
the contact if the speakers will be willing to take questions. Initially, the
answer was yes.  Then the reply was that the speakers would want to take
questions only after they have both spoken.  Then a third email came saying
that any question asked has to be written and it will be collected, vetted and
then answered (if at all).  I said that this is tantamount to censoring and not
being open and I cannot impose this on the audience/membership.  They
retorted that I should ensure that the speakers are treated fairly and that they
should not be "abused".  I gave my word that I will ensure that we have a
civil discussion, but that was not enough.  The day before the scheduled talk,
they chicken^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hwithdrew.

So, while it is good to give them a hearing, make sure that they do not pull
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