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harrywwc harry at woodward-clarke.com
Sun Jan 13 20:16:47 UTC 2008

Hey Mark, Jeff, et.al,

caveat: I am not a 'supporter' of Jeff - I am a 'fan' of Pia's, but 
she's not Jeff - well, not last time I had lunch with her [1] :')
>> Those who don't feel comfortable with it, and would prefer that we do not
>> engage at all, can find somewhere else to play with themselves instead. :-)
> This comment is totally uncalled for! I find it offensive. I stayed out
> of the flame wars between you and Con (and each of your supporters) and
> fully supported the change in language of engagement. Then you post a
> statement like this. Smiley faces do not make this any less offensive.
Steady on there fellas. I guess it all depends on how you read the above 
"offensive" comment.

I will admit, when I read it several hours ago, in the flow of the 
conversation on LinuxAu, the last thing that came to mind was that Jeff 
was referring to 'Onanism' with his comment. I took it to be a comment 
to playing computer games / reading books / watching tv / whatever 
without coming (pun *not* intended) to the meeting.

Now, perhaps I am getting clueless in my dotage (just had another of 
those pesky birthdays), and perhaps I don't know Jeff as well as you do 
- but not *everyone* reads the postings and assumes "the worse" from people.

In parts of this conversation there appears to a whole heap more heat 
than light being generated.

Take care y'all,

Harry WW-C
a lowly linux user (does that make me a 'l-user'? ;')

[1] Teacher's Federation House Dec.07

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