[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Committee Elections - Nominations Are Now Open

Andrew Pollock andrew-la at andrew.net.au
Wed Jan 2 07:03:15 UTC 2008

On Fri, Dec 14, 2007 at 02:32:02PM +1100, James Purser wrote:
> Nominations for the Linux Australia Committee are now open. 
> If you would like to nominate someone please go to
> http://linux.org.au/membership/. If you are a member then please login
> and browse to the elections page, select 2008 and follow the
> instructions to nominate your preferred candidate.

Can we please get into the habit of sending such important announcements to
announce@ ?

It seems every year LA has the committee election, it's reasonably poorly
communicated. I very infrequently read linux-aus@, and filter it away. I
don't filter announce@, because I expect it to be low-volume, potentially
important, and probably time-critical.

I'd like to see at least three[1] calls for votes during the voting period also
sent to announce@, and the results should also be announced there when they
are known.

I thought that there was something that got aggregated to planet.l.o.a that
was vaguely official looking, but it doesn't seem that
made it there.



[1] For example, one when the polls open, one 24 hours before they close,
and one somewhere in the middle.
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