[Linux-aus] [AUUG-Talk]: Query about "unincorporated successor AUUG's" and AUUGs domain

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 16:46:23 UTC 2008


May I suggest to the new committee, that they establish a new
sub-committee for UNIX.
I'm not sure if I'm re-hashing a previous suggestion, the debate has
been a long one.
I have tried to pay attention.

The purpose of the sub-committee and perhaps it's own UNIX mailing
list would be to
provide a haven for users of UNIX ... whether it's a desktop BSD (I
don't mind PC-BSD myself)
or some of the more professional users like members of AUUG, if / when
it dies a death.
(Please note, my tongue is _not_ planted in my cheek)

This will provide the opportunity for people to join LA for purposes
UNIX related,
without the need for further debate over "should we / shouldn't we".

How far such involvement expands beyond the normal services rendered
by committee et al,
is up to the current membership, the UNIX afficionados and the future.

Don Knowles
Rockhampton AUSTRALIA

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