[Linux-aus] LUG Videoing Grants Proposal

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Wed Feb 13 04:02:45 UTC 2008

Paul Wayper wrote:
> <snip>
> I and a few other people point it the right direction from time to time, but there
> isn't any 'body' to 'own' any equipment that the 'CLUG', whatever that is,
> might request from Linux Australia.

In this case, we would look at the contacts page on the relevant LUG's 
website, and contact the people listed there. From a quick look at 
www.clug.org.au, they are;

Andrew Tridgell
Stephen Rothwell
Steve Walsh (wait, that's me! Free stuff! no strings attached! woohoo!)

I would talk to the person responsible for the webpage (the name "Tony 
Breeds" is indelibly stamped into my subliminal conscious-whatsis), and 
get them to update it with the details of the relevant person.

People taking action and displaying leadership is what a LUG is all 
about. Sometimes, that means you need to stand up, make noise and be 


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