[Linux-aus] LUG Videoing Grants Proposal

Paul TBBle Hampson Paul.Hampson at Pobox.com
Sat Feb 9 11:46:50 UTC 2008

On Fri, Feb 08, 2008 at 05:41:01PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
>  - We host all the published videos on mirror.linux.org.au, along with a
>    vidcast feed

Just caught up on the original thread, but couldn't then find a good
place to suggest this.

It'd be nice if a low-bitrate .flv file was also available, for
embedding in blogs ala Youtube et al.

It doesn't have to be Flash video, but I'd certainly suggest it be
something that you can play with an embedded Flash player or similar, to
try and keep the client-side requirements down... I've not played with
much embedded video in blogs, so if just embedding the media directly in
a blog, and letting vlc or the MS media player or whatever's hooked up
handle it works, great.

What'd be really nice is (and I don't know how good Ogg Theora is at
low-bandwidth of this level off hand) a Flash-based Ogg Theora player
that falls back in the no-Flash case to being an embedded file to let
the user's local player stream it.

I dunno if there is an Ogg Theora codec for Flash, but I'd be happy to
have a poke around and do some research if this seems like a good idea.

And of course, I suppose this requires that Gnash be doing a good enough
job that we're not being rudely exclusive towards the many non-x86 Linux
and other non-Adobe-supported users out there.

It'd be nice to be able to point people at a URL where they can watch
the video rather than requiring them to download the whole file.

Experience at work suggests that even when I grab Youtube videos for
people so that everyone in the office doesn't have to hit the URL
posted, most people won't bother playing the downloaded file, but will
just click the original link.

Of course, the mirror admins might have some thoughts on this, maybe not
wanting to become LinuxTube... ^_^

Hmm. Does Google Video or YouTube already fill this niche for people?
Are people willing to just upload LUG videos and suchlike to YouTube?

That'd fulfil this use-case too, but without the Theora angle.

On a side note, it'd be nice if someone was also archiving the original
recording (although I dunno how big that is...) in case re-encoding is
needed, in case of the aforementioned explosive destruction of the ANU.

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