[Linux-aus] [chat/mel8ourne] Linux Job Searching - was: Red Hat in Australia is hiring

Mark Phillips mark.phillips at automatedtestsystems.com.au
Tue Feb 5 09:06:29 UTC 2008


I tried to set up a jobsite tieing OSIA and Universities together but it
seems to be an abject failure.

I'm planning in rewriting aspects of it and allowing wider access.

A RSS feed is one of the things I'm looking at adding.

If you want you can use that.

Mark Phillips

On Tue, 2008-02-05 at 18:52 +1100, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 February 2008 18:48, Sridhar Dhanapalan <sridhar at dhanapalan.com> 
> wrote:
> > > http://etbe.coker.com.au/2007/07/06/fragmenting-information-about-jobs/
> > >
> > > The above URL has my thoughts on the best way of addressing this issue.
> > > Unfortunately my attempt to implement it failed and it seems that without
> > > support from an organisation such as LCA this can't be done.
> >
> > If you need help, feel free to promote this to the new Committee, or try
> > and build a team around the idea.
> Is there anyone in particular I should contact?
> > One important thing to remember about a community is that you don't need a
> > Committee to get things done. Sure, it can help to have their support, but
> > relying on a small group of people often just creates a bottleneck.
> I tried doing it on my own but that attempt failed.
> You can't get employers unless you have job seekers, and you can't get job 
> seekers unless you have employers.
> LUV has a reasonable supply of job seekers, employers, and regular adverts on 
> their jobs list.  I expect that some other LUGs have similar (the Linux 
> Australia site wasn't as good last time I checked but at least had a higher 
> profile).
> If I could get an existing jobs list as an RSS feed then I could kick things 
> off.  All it really requires is the conditions of use for one of the jobs 
> lists to include RSS syndication either by default or as a mandatory thing.

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