[Linux-aus] [Osia-discuss] [Fwd: Re: 2020 summit - does open-source software have a place at the table?]

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at ozlabs.org
Mon Feb 4 03:55:50 UTC 2008

On Mon, 04 Feb 2008 13:25:36 +1100
Jonathan Oxer <jon at oxer.com.au> wrote:
> But right now that's still just a pipe-dream and we need to work quickly
> within the frameworks available to us, so perhaps we could draft a joint
> response on behalf of both OSIA and LA?

I can think of a several people who are members of OSIA or LA who I
think would make a great contribution at the summit. However, note from
the article:

  "People would not be invited to attend as representatives of
   organisations or interest groups but in their own capacity as
   individuals selected on the basis of merit and achievement."

So whilst it would be useful to find out the procedure for
how people are chosen to get the people that we think would
be good to be considered, it looks like it would not be appropriate
for OSIA or LA to be suggesting people to represent their interests.

Christopher Yeoh <cyeoh at ozlabs.org>

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