[Linux-aus] 2020 summit - does open-source software have a place at the table?

Martin Visser martinvisser99 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 01:14:13 UTC 2008


You have probably heard about the PM's plan to hold a summit in April
to discuss how we should plan for issues facing Australia as far out
as 2020. According to
"The Government has identified 10 areas it will ask the summit to
tackle. These are: directions for the economy; infrastructure;
environmental issues including population, sustainability, climate
change and water; rural Australia; national health strategy;
strengthening communities; indigenous Australia; the arts; the future
of government; and Australia's security and international relations."

Those of us with a passion for FOSS could clearly identify areas where
it can have an impact. However, are we able to articulate this clearly
and forcefully such that we help set policy that will see the benefits
of FOSS fully ripened and impacting postitvely on Australian society
and economy? While the actual makeup of the "1000" has not been
announced - "the best and brightest brains" are to be chosen. Can I
suggest that LA very quickly:-

* Lobby government that at least 1 or 2 open-source software leaders
be asked to participate
* Prepare a brief of how software freedommight impact on those 10
areas outlined by the government.

There are a number of people in our community (you know who you are
:-) ) who would have the skills to undertake one or both of those
tasks. It would be a great use of those unassigned grant funds to make
sure that a professional and thorough response be made - particularly
given the short time frame. This may be the best opoortunity we have
to ensure that Australia actually plans to have FOSS be a significant
part of our society.

(BTW I heard former WA premier Geoff Gallup mention we should be using
smart technology at the summit to ensure that the 1000 delegates all
have the ability to actively participate in the summit. This makes me
think of Wiki's, AbiCollab and the like. Maybe someone whip some smart
stuff to do this real quick ;-) )
Regards, Martin

Martin Visser

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