[Linux-aus] LCA '09 venue - details?

James Polley linuxaus at zhasper.com
Sun Feb 3 11:19:46 UTC 2008

So it was (iirc) announced on Friday that LCA09 will be in Tasmania.
There were fridge magnets, and pamphlets, and other schwag.. but I
grabbed none, figuring I'd just look up the site of the organising
group when I got home and get information from there.

But now I'm home and I can't find anything on the magical intertubes
about LCA 09 and Tasmania at all - just references to the fact that
it's not in Tasmania this year, dating from last years's bid. Well,
that's not true - there are a few blog posts where people mention it,
but don't give any links or any information other than the fact that
it's in Tasmania. I also found an article on ITWire, but it doesn't
give any information (does have a surprising amount of speculation

I rememver seeing a url mentioned - something like "movesouth.org"?
But I can't find anything at any of the URLs I tried, not even the
story on ITWire...

Clearly I'm going batty and don't know how to search any more.. Can
anyone point me at an official release, blog post, or site? Even maybe
some useful search terms?

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