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Hello Linux Australia,

 This application: Dec 12, 2009
 FOMS: Jan 15,16 2009
 LCA:  Jan 19-24 2009
 SLUG workshop/talk: Jan 30 2009

 planning to leave Amsterdam,NL: 12.01.2008
 planning to return: 12.02.2008

Project Name:
  Linux Media Workshop, FOMS & LCA

Aim of Project:
  Extend developer collaborations at FOMS + LCA and present a
  hands-on tutorial on open-source A/V production at SLUG.

  Besides running day to day business of linuxaudio.org, I'm author of
  various FLOSS software [1] and affiliated with quite some FLOSS
  projects around gnu/linux multimedia [2]. During my stay in AUS I'm
  going to focus on interoperability and consolidation with emphasis on
  JACK A/V sync.
  Indirectly your grant will support development of xjadeo.sf.net,
  lumiera.org and ardour.org. Directly it may affect projects of other
  FOMS participants and SLUGs.

  Furthermore this trip offers the opportunity to build a deeper
  collaboration between developer groups in Europe and Australia.
  I am involved with organizing the linux-audio-conference 2009 and
  am exploring possibilities to organise a FOMS Europe. Attending FOMS
  and LCA would be beneficial as to see how you are handling it there.

Person Responsible for Request:
  Robin Gareus

People/Groups Supporting Request:

  Silvia Pfeiffer (FOMS)
 FOMS CTTE & President Annodex Association

  Sridhar Dhanapalan (CTTE, SLUG)
 President SLUG

  I require additional funding for travel to FOMS and meet a talk
  invitation at SLUG.

  Talks to be given at FOMS, LCA Multimedia miniconf and SLUG.

  FOMS is offering $1000 partial travel sponsorship to me.
  The air-fare will cost approx $3750 [3] and I would like to ask LA to
  contribute $2000 towards this; if possible more. I am prepared to pick
  up further travel expenses, including accommodation and local travels,
  with my private money. I will, however, not be able to take the trip
  without additional funding to the FOMS money.


[1] http://sf.net/users/x42 ; http://mir.dnsalias.com/gitweb/

[2] linuxaudio.org, openmovieeditor.org & libopenvideo, jackaudio.org,

[3] with Quantas: AMS <-> SYD - 1,850 euro = 3,740$
    AMS <-> Sydnet|Melbourne <-> Hobart - 1955 euro = 3900$

quantas.com.au accepts only HTTP post search requests - see here for a link:

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