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Terry Dawson terry at linux.org.au
Wed Apr 30 12:30:26 UTC 2008

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Jonathan Oxer wrote:

> Woot, the first actual reply!
> I didn't get a reply from anyone at Ctte, either. I also sent through to
> Ctte suggested wording for a motion to be passed to enact some of the
> stuff agreed to at the AGM, and haven't even received an acknowledgement
> that it was received. There's also a desperate need to review the

We're experiencing some organisational issues at the moment Jonathon.

We discussed both topics at our face to face and we agreed to move
forward with both. We're just in the middle of some sort of
organisational paralysis at present, when we get past it all will be good.

> existing sub-committees and either disband or reconstitute them on a
> case-by-case basis, since we don't even have records of who is in many
> of them or what authority they have been given.

We came to the same conclusion, and have in fact already disbanded the
Media committee. We agreed that Paul Schulz would adopt the role of
committee liasion and that he would contact each of the other existing
committees to confirm their status. Any committees still running would
be formalised.

> I really want to get the multi-tier membership and member services
> proposals underway but if Andrew and I are the only people who care then
> I won't bother.

Yes, we agree, we do too. We discussed this too at the face-to-face
meeting and my recollection is that Stewart was going to talk to you
about it and your ongoing involvement since I distinctly recall you
making the offer. ;)

Sorry we've been awol.


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