[Linux-aus] Good News Week

daniel sobey dns_server at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 14 12:37:24 UTC 2008

I've got the start of it but i'm missing the last few
minutes of the show myself. You can watch the show on
ten's website, they have a vodcast of the show but it
seems to only work with itunes.

below is a quick transcript:

Welcome to good news week, we come tonight from the
Melbourne international comedy festival recovery
And the big news, Australia's biggest nerd, and he is
right here in Melbourne. Johnatha oxer has wired his
entire house to a central processor.
The doorbell is linked to the tv, the bathroom scales
talk to the computer and there is a micro chip
embedded in his left arm that opens the front door.

A microchip embedded in his arm to open the door, so
what i have 5 digits genetically attached to my arm
that can do the same thing and this (middle finger)

The house has everything, a letter box with a switch
that detects when mail is inserted and a similar one
on his girlfriend.. I'm only kidding he doesn't have a
girl friend.
if that is not enough technology for you Japanese 
scientists have developed spectacles that help you
find your keys. yes it looks like all those years of
harvesting tasty wale blubber has finally payed off
and they are designed by computer scientists so you
know they are fashionable.
it's not just keys, they will also remember where you
left your handbag, ipod or mobile, the only thing they
can't find is your glasses, your dignity or your
dwindling self respect.

--- "Kristy A. Bennett" <kristy at kristy.id.au> wrote:

> Hi all!
> If anyone has a recording of the opening of tonights
> episode of Good 
> News Week can you please let me know.  I only go the
> end of the the beat 
> up of Jon Oxer and wanted to see the whole thing.
> (fingers crossed)
> Jon - Looks like that 5 minutes of fame has been
> taken to a whole new level!
> Cheers!
> KrisB

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