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David Baker dtbaker at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 04:35:02 UTC 2008

Hi all,

First post to the list.

I am in the process of organising a high school (grade 12) computing
The competition will be team based and consist of two parts; a multiple
choice section and a team programming section.

The aim of the competition is to spark interest and increase awareness in
certain areas of computing at a very early stage. Hopefully will also give
students (and their parents) access to resources so they can decide if a
certain area of IT is for them.

Currently compiling some content that will allow interested students to
learn enough to participate in the competition.  It will have a heavy Linux
and scripting language backing as they are the technologies I deal with on
an every day basis.

A number of questions in the team based programming section will involve the
use of loops and simple data structures in order to generate a pre-defined
output to the screen. The code will be checked by a central service (along
with the multiple choice questions) to score team results.

My plan it to try the idea on a couple of local schools that I have ties
with, and then expand to more schools if it hits off. Schools will
eventually be able to compete against eachother.

I have attended a university level ACM programming contents in Brisbane, it
was very fun. It seems there is nobody else currently offering something
like this for Aussie High School students.

If you have any ideas / criticism  / questions about this competition please
feel free to post back to this thread.

David Baker
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