[Linux-aus] Open CeBIT

Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at dhanapalan.com
Tue Apr 1 01:28:26 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

I've been in communication with Moraima at Hannover Fairs regarding
Open CeBIT for my work, and out of curiosity (and as the organiser of
last year's LA stand) I enquired about Linux Australia's presence. I
was told that LA are listed as a supporting organisation, and have an
18sqm (double size, like last year) stand organised. "Stewart" (no
surname available, but I'm assuming it's Smith) is the listed contact.

So what's the story with LA and CeBIT? I haven't heard anything, which
slightly concerns me given that there's less than two months to go. LA
will presumably need a stand co-ordinator, volunteers, leaflets and
other giveaways (CDs, etc.).

On a related (but separate) note, I'm organising the LA stand at the
Education Expo[1]. I'll release details shortly, but I am in need of
assistance. Please get in touch with me if you'd like to help out.


[0] http://www.opencebit.com.au/
[1] http://edexpo.info/

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