[Linux-aus] Queries re LA's draft 2007 statements

Russell Stuart russell-linuxaus at stuart.id.au
Tue Sep 25 02:28:43 UTC 2007

I have been poring over LA's 2007 draft statements in
order to glean some information for budget accompanying
Humbug's LCA 2009 bid.  There are a few things I would 
like to get clarified:

1.  The is only on registration line, so I am guessing
    this includes registrations and dinner tickets ??
    I am trying to figure out the proportion of
    Professionals attending, and this makes it hard.
    Can it be split out?  Also, what was the official
    attendance for 2007?

2.  Does the publicity expense have anything to do with

3.  What does the "Delegate Accommodation" line represent.
    I am hoping it wasn't a transfer to the colleges for
    the accommodation fees that were included with the

4.  Is the Insurance line an LCA Expense?

5.  What is the Party lca07 expense?  Was I invited?
    Looks like it was one hell of a party.

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