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Wed Oct 3 14:23:56 UTC 2007

the LCAs. If that group could be conned into doing the processing,
perhaps and option would be to fund all the conversion / processing /
upload facilities for that one group, and then send cameras to the LUGs.
The LUGs could record talks, and then post DV tapes to the core group
for post processing and upload.

That might be simpler than lots of hardware in lots of places, more
accountable, and would result in more consistency in the videos uploaded.

Apart from that, great idea.

Also, I think its time for a more accessible and consistent interface to
the videos on the mirror machine. Something "youtube like" with a
in-browser player, and all the meta data in the same place as the video.
That will make the content more accessible to people, as they'll be able
to go to mirror.loa instead of various conference sites to find a video
to watch.

Is there anything open source that does this?


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