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Wed Oct 3 04:23:56 UTC 2007

IT stuff I know, if I was in a position like that and someone sent me
a CD proclaiming that they should install this free software and see
how good it is I'd be immediately suss about it.

We (the industry in general not Lin-Aus) spend a lot of time and
energy telling people that there are all sorts of dodgy/illegal/scammy
people out there that will offer and promise you all sorts of things
that you should not believe because if it seems too good to be true
then it probably is.

Not to mention the fact that a Gov network is more than likely going
to have some pretty stringent rules and policies on installing rouge
software on their machines...

I still think that this is a major reason that OSS hasn't been as
eagerly taken up as I think it should be.

Ubuntu Dapper 7.04
The less you know, the more you believe. - Bono
The more you know the less you need to say. - Jim Rohn

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