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A cross posting spammage but thought this might be of interest.

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CCau on Radio National
via Creative Commons Australia - by jess on 18/11/07

Just a quick note to let everyone know that tomorrow's Law Report on
ABC Radio National will focus on Creative Commons.

The show, which airs at 8:30am, will feature excerpts from a debate
held at this year's Melbourne Writer's Festival, Creative Commons or
Creative Theft?, in which CC-using sci fi author Cory Doctorow and
CCau's own Jessica Coates duked it out with Jeremy Fisher (the
Director of the Australian Society of Authors) and Sandy Grant
(Publisher and Director of the Copyright Agency Limited) about the
role of open content licensing in modern publishing.

The debate was lots of fun and had some great speeches, so we
definitely encourage people to catch the show tomorrow.

The show will also feature an interview with Jessica on Creative
Commons, what it is and how it's being implemented in Australia today.

If you don't listen to the show live, it's replayed tomorrow night at
8pm, or can be downloaded as a podcast from the Law Report website.

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