[Linux-aus] Linux Certifications in Australia

Karl Phillips phillipsk77 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 03:06:46 UTC 2007

Hello, I'm currently working in IT in Sydney and I'm looking for some
advise. I'm going to do a Linux Certificate and there are two available that
I'm aware of: The LPI and Redhat Certs. My previous roles in IT have been on
a help desk. I currently hold A+ and Server+ equivalant certificates.

Can anyone advise which Linux cert holds more credibility? I'm eventually
looking to get into small to medium business consulting in the Sydney area,
any advise on what certificates and experience is needed for this would be

Btw my background is about four years administration (hobbyist-not working)
using  Slackware. I've just moved to Suse,  because I like the  idea of
knowing a product inside and out that has large commercial backing (Novell
has eDirectory, Zenworks etc).

Any thoughts are appreciated, I apologise if the post doesn't quite display
as I expected, it's my first post to LA.

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