[Linux-aus] Server to donate to another LUG - DarLUG is no more.

Anthony Hornby ahornby at darlug.org
Thu Jun 28 00:42:26 UTC 2007

Hi All,
DarLUG (Darwin Linux Users Group) is no more.

Everyone got too busy and I dont have the time to maintain the server anymore.
Most of the server was funded by a Linux Australia grant a few years ago and to do the right thing I'd like to offer to donate it to another LUG who can use it.

The server is being shut down on the 1st September 2007 - so will be available after that date.
Perhaps the committee should decide who gets it - thoughts???

Note: I'll continue to mirror open source software locally for CDU students and staff and the local community on one of my corporate servers ;-)

The server is a HP proliant ML-110 with 3 GHz P4 processor and 2GB ECC RAM, Hot-Swap SATA backplane, crappy promise "fake" raid controller and one 250GB SATA drive. Will be shipped wiped clean for a fresh start.

I'll pay for postage to wherever it might end up (in Australia that is  ...)

Regards Anthony.

Mr Anthony Hornby
Associate Director, Resources and Technology
Library and Information Access
Charles Darwin University (CRICOS 300K)
Phone: +61 8 8946 6011
Email: anthony.hornby at cdu.edu.au.no-spam(remove the .no-spam)

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