[Linux-aus] Bids for linux.conf.au 2009 host city

Andrew Swinn andrew at swinndesign.com
Wed Jun 13 07:08:43 UTC 2007

Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-06-10 at 18:35 +1000, Melissa Draper wrote:
>> At this point the plan is as follows:
>> * Get the LUG going
>> * Run SFD this year
>> * Upgrade to a 2 day 'Open Technology Weekend' next year
>> * Bid for LCA2010
> Sounds like an excellent plan! Helping new LUGs get off the ground is
> exactly the sort of thing LA should be supporting, so make sure you keep
> us all in the loop and if there are specific things that you need please
> ask.
> Cheers   :-)

Woot! All things going well we shall be relocating to Albury at the end 
of the year. I was quite excited to see mention of an Albury LUG :)
Once we move we shall be there for the next four years while my wife 
completes a Uni degree with CSU.

So there should be an extra couple of faces around to help out from next 
year onwards, and maybe with this LCA2010 proposal. :)


Andrew Swinn

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