[Linux-aus] linux-aus Digest, Vol 3, Issue 11

Josh Stewart noisymime at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 14:39:03 UTC 2007

> > > Any scope for LA registering lug.org.au and giving subdomains? (UK Linux
> > > Users Groups does this.)
> >
> > Interesting idea provided we can qualify for another .org.au domain.
> There's always the very straightforward and attractive option of...
>   sydney.linux.org.au -> slug.org.au
>   sydney.opensource.org.au -> (something, probably slug)

Whilst on the topic of webpages, the site for the recently formed
Ballarat LUG (http://blug.asn.au), could use a DNS host if there's
anyone out there with the power to grant such a wish? Its currently
using a free hosting service who's reliability is proving less than


Josh Stewart

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