[Linux-aus] linux-aus Digest, Vol 4, Issue 17

Josh Stewart noisymime at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 00:13:15 UTC 2007

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> From: Pia Waugh <greebo at pipka.org>
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> Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 10:54:47 +1000
> Subject: [Linux-aus] Software Freedom Day team rego (for schwag) closes 31st July
> Hi all,
> As many of you know I'm quite involved with Software Freedom Day, the global
> outreach event about Software Freedom through transparent and sustainable
> technologies like FOSS. Alsoready we have 140 teams globally (from over 60
> countries) and 16 of those teams are from Australia. We are automatically
> mapping teams onto a world map (planet GNOME style). Last year we had 20
> Aussie teams and so far the north and west of Australia is looking pretty
> dark:


We have quite a few people keen to participate from the Ballarat LUG
however there is an issue that the date of 15/9 is pretty bad for a
few key members. I know it detracts a little from the spirit of the
day, but is there any problem with holding our event on another date?
Apologies if its a silly question, but I couldn't see anything on the
website advising about this.

-Josh Stewart

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