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Sun Jul 22 06:16:43 UTC 2007

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Are you interested in volunteering for FreeCulture.org and helping to
bring free culture to campuses around the world? Now is the time to
join us and lend a hand!

Tonight, Sunday July 22nd, at 8pm EDT ([calculate your time zone][1]),
we will be holding an online meeting to discuss the various ways that
people can volunteer with FreeCulture.org and advance the cause of free
culture among students everywhere. It will take place in our IRC channel
at #freeculture in irc.freenode.net ([more info on IRC][2]), an internet
chat room that anyone can join. You can see the [agenda for the
meeting][3] on our wiki ahead of time, and after the meeting is over
minutes should eventually appear there as well.

Whether you can make this meeting or not, if you are interested in
volunteering please join the [Volunteers mailing list][4], and we will
send you information about future meetings and other relevant

There are plenty of opportunities for people who are not members of a
chapter, so anybody who is interested in helping us out should feel free
to attend this meeting and join the Volunteers mailing list.

   [1]: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
   [2]: http://wiki.freeculture.org/IRC
   [3]: http://wiki.freeculture.org/2007-07-22
   [4]: http://freeculture.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/volunteers

URL: http://freeculture.org/blog/2007/07/22/volunteering-for-freecultureorg/

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