[Linux-aus] Incorporating an open source geospatial organisation

Tim Bowden tim.bowden at westnet.com.au
Mon Jul 16 09:41:06 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-07-16 at 17:53 +0930, Brenda Aynsley wrote:
> Del wrote:
> > 
> > You should be incorporating as a company limited by guarantee if you
> > are going to operate in all states, not as an association in each
> > state.  It's far cheaper and much less paperwork.
> > 
> acs is incorporated in the ACT only and is a national organisation.  the 
> only requirement is that the public officer must live in the state in 
> which the association is incorporate, so our Public Officer is a canberran.
> Similarly Electronic Frontiers Australia is incorporated in SA and I am 
> the public officer and this too is a national organisation.
> I dont know the whys and the wherefors of company limited by guarantee 
> vs incorporated association, perhaps its in the protections afforded to 
> directors although i've never felt threatened as a director of either 
> organisation, but perhaps that's the old 'ignorance is bliss' :)
>  From a cost perspective, its $120-ish vs $1000-ish.
> cheers
> brenda

Thanks for the advice Del and Brenda.  It looks like perhaps it's not a
straightforward matter.  Chalk up another reason to abolish the states
(but please, that's not an invitation for an off topic flame war!).  At
the very least, having such opposing advice gives us reason to do some
comprehensive research on the topic.

Tim Bowden

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