[Linux-aus] Linux Certifications in Australia

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sun Jul 8 13:15:04 UTC 2007

Hi Karl

I've found the Red Hat training to be one of the linux certs about, as 
it's assessment is purely practical lab based. I know a few people that 
have gotten their RHCE, and they are some of the best, most switched on 
admins able to fix thorny problems that I've found. As I understand it, 
the Novell cert assessment is also Practical, but I haven't looked into 
it very much, so it might be worthwhile following that one down.

The benefit of the RHCT/RHCE cert for an employer is getting a new staff 
member with a proven ability to solve problems in real world situation, 
rather than just someone who knows the theory behind it, but is yet to 
cut their teeth on a firewall change or configuring a DHCP or DNS server.

Just My 2 Cents, Your Milage May Vary, expecting a flame at any minute, etc


Karl Phillips wrote:
> Hello, I'm currently working in IT in Sydney and I'm looking for some 
> advise. I'm going to do a Linux Certificate and there are two 
> available that I'm aware of: The LPI and Redhat Certs. My previous 
> roles in IT have been on a help desk. I currently hold A+ and Server+ 
> equivalant certificates.
> Can anyone advise which Linux cert holds more credibility? I'm 
> eventually looking to get into small to medium business consulting in 
> the Sydney area, any advise on what certificates and experience is 
> needed for this would be fantastic.
> Btw my background is about four years administration (hobbyist-not 
> working)  using  Slackware. I've just moved to Suse,  because I like 
> the  idea of  knowing a product inside and out that has large 
> commercial backing (Novell has eDirectory, Zenworks etc).
> Any thoughts are appreciated, I apologise if the post doesn't quite 
> display as I expected, it's my first post to LA.
> Cheers,
> Karl
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