Second Life [Was: [Linux-aus] In the news today]

Marco Ostini m.ostini at
Tue Jan 30 21:06:03 UTC 2007

Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> I think its important to recognise that there is already a Free and
> Open Source community within Second Life. And there is certainly a
> Free Culture environment, with the Creative Commons organisation
> active within SL organising talks etc. So in a way they are already
> part of our community.
> Even if SL eventually falls in a heap (there is certainly no guarantee
> that SL is the future of a 3D internet), or the servers never get open
> sourced, I think an open source 3D user driven environment much like
> it is pretty much inevitable. And the community will learn a lot in SL
> about what works well and what doesn't in a virtual 3D environment,
> and this knowledge and experience will transfer well to whatever
> eventually does emerge.

So, I'd like to offer my support to Chris' email and position. ;)

Lets not waste this opportunity. SL is already well down the track towards 
the path of freedom, and we can do a lot of good from the inside, as well 
as receive the benefits of an active (and at times interactive) global 

While most corporations will treat SL as a glorified advertising board, the 
FOSS community, of it's nature, will enrich, improve & liberate this 
environment. Many people already active in SL, and some of those to come 
will recognise the difference and won't forget. This will certainly have 
real world ramifications.

It's not like we're attempting to transform John Howard into Jessica Alba.


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