[Linux-aus] Grants Scheme and the New Site

James Purser purserj at k-sit.com
Sat Jan 27 10:58:04 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 13:43 +1100, Daniel Tandowski wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm one of the members who expressed interest early on in the piece, and 
> was over the moon that the Linux Australia website was to (finally) be 
> upgraded.
> However, my fundamental views of how the site should look and feel, seem 
> to differ to most. The new (painfully Drupal) site has over 15 links in 
> the navigation menu, all of which I would have put under "About Us" - as 
> much information as you have about the structure, policies and scheme's 
> of by Linux Australia, it is NOT what most people venture to the site for.
<snipped the LA front page stuff for brevity :) />
> *YAWWWWWNNNN* Where's the info about distributions? news, blogs, 
> polls??? What about some information about (who would have guessed) 
> LINUX... you know, the operating system???

Okay up until now we've been looking at cleaning up the old site so that
people can find more information more easily about the organisation.

In terms of turning the site into a fully fledged
News/Information/Social Networking site, we do have plans for
introducing several features, however they require people who are able
to dedicate the time to making these things happen, so if you're willing
to help out that would be great :)

James Purser
Ordinary Committee Member
Linux Australia
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