[Linux-aus] Results of 2007 Linux Australia Committee election and 2006 Office Bearer reports

Jonathan Oxer president at linux.org.au
Wed Jan 24 11:13:04 UTC 2007

Hi Linuxistas,

The election for the 2007 Linux Australia Committee concluded last week
just prior to the 2007 AGM, and the results were announced in person at
the AGM and made available immediately via the online election system.

The details of the election including a list of candidates, vote counts
for each candidate, and a step-by-step breakdown of preference
allocations is available online to members at:


The Committee for 2007 is:

President:      Jonathan Oxer
Vice President: Pia Waugh
Treasurer:      Terry Dawson
Secretary:      Anthony Towns
Members:        Steve Walsh
                Janet Hawtin
                James Purser

Congratulations to the 2007 Committee and in particular a warm welcome
to Steve Walsh who joins as an Ordinary Committee Member.

One person deserving of being singled out for special thanks is Stewart
Smith who leaves the Committee after 4 years of service. During his time
on the Committee Stewart (along with Andrew Cowie) was a vocal proponent
of distributing activity and responsibility to a broader volunteer base,
with the Committee taking on more of the role of a Board than an
executive team. That perspective has strongly influenced the way the
Committee has put more focus into creation of official sub-committees to
undertake specific projects and areas of responsibility, which in turn
allows Linux Australia to be part of far more initiatives than would be
possible if everything were left to Committee members to do personally.

Thanks also to the unsuccessful candidates who stood for election. It's
important to prevent the Committee becoming stagnant or individual
members overburdened so we need new people willing to step up to the
plate, and even though there was only one position changed this year we
need a broad selection of candidates for each election so please don't
be discouraged if you weren't elected this time around.

Reports from the 2006 office bearers are currently in the process of
being published, and are linked from the 2007 AGM page for reference:


Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer
Linux Australia

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