[Linux-aus] Getting OSDC 2007 to Brisbane

Arjen Lentz arjen at mysql.com
Mon Jan 22 13:51:02 UTC 2007

Hi all,

An excellent opportunity has come up to have the 2007 edition of OSDC  
(osdc.com.au) to Brisbane.
Various people from Brisbane (Anthony Towns, James Iseppi, Mark  
Suter, to name a few) were independently interested, and we converged  
at LCA in Sydney. From discussions there, I understand that OSDC  
committee is interested but would of course like to make sure that it  
would indeed make a good and well attended event and a worthy  
successor to the previous editions - so we need to do some homework!

OSDC is generally held in December, the CfP would start in April.  
Various things would need to be in place before then.
If you are able and willing to help with this, please email me at my- 
first-name @ my-last-name dot com dot au
The current aim is for an initial meeting in Brisbane (could be at my  
place, or elsewhere) within the next couple of weeks, to go over  
things just before submitting a full proposal to the OSDC committee.

Of particular interest are people with
  - time & energy;
  - connections to UQ and QUT (we want to get them involved, since  
it's a peer-reviewed conference);
  - experience with the various subtasks needed to put on a  
successful conference, such as:
    * connections and/or experience with local companies who could  
    * marketing and related experience

So, drop me a line ASAP if you want to be involved and want to make  
this happen.

Regards, Arjen.
(mob. 0438 210 269)

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