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Hi folks,

Not sure if this is appropriate for here, I guess it can't hurt to ask. 

You might recall Bret from James' FOSS on the Air show. Bret is a
community development worker for a small community (50 or so) in the NT
outback. Lingarra is looking for some retailing software for their
ubuntu set up. See forwarded email. 

They are running 2 high end PIII laptops and also have a mid range PIII
desktop. They may be able to purchase a faster laptop for this. They do
not have bar code scanners they just want something simple. Web based
would be OK if it was easy enough to get up and running. The commerce
package should be easy to use and administer. 

Any suggestions? What other information is needed to inform this

Another idea is that someone might volunteer to help implement a system
(using remote access and IRC) with them. The person might also become a
source of support after the system is set up. If this sounds like your
cup of tea please get in touch with Bret (cc above) and myself. 


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