[Linux-aus] Nominations and their spiels for the LA election

Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Tue Jan 2 22:35:06 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 07:41:01AM +1100, Pia Waugh wrote:
> President
> ---------
>     * Jonathan Oxer (jon at oxer.com.au)
>       [...] we need to examine how Linux Australia relates to the extended
>       FOSS community. [...] Should we rebrand Linux Australia or LCA
>       to remove the Linux focus? Personally I don't think so. [...]
>       That doesn't mean there's nothing to be done though: maybe the
>       time has come for a more generalised FOSS organisation of which
>       LA could be a part, or even just for LA to be more consciously
>       inclusive of those who have made the step of using FOSS but
>       haven't switched out their underlying OS. [...]

> Vice-President
> --------------
>     * Pia Waugh (greebo at pipka.org)
>       [...] my aims for 2007 include: to create a way for FOSS groups to
>       participate freely that aren't specifically "Linux".  This last
>       point is really important, there are many groups out there that
>       are part of the FOSS community, but aren't Linux specific (eg -
>       Perl, Python, Open Solaris), and LA needs to find a way to be
>       more formally inclusive of non-Linux FOSS groups so we can all
>       be stronger together. [...]

I'd like to note in advance that I've been drinking, just in case I want
to disavow the following later. :)

Towards the end of the AUUG thread [0] there were some off-list
discussions about the possibility of not so much changing lca as adding to
it -- not just having some miniconfs as part of lca, but encouraging other
free software people to run a separate conference in conjunction with lca;
so in 2008 you could go to Melbourne for a week or so, and not just have
the opportunity to go to linux.conf.au and a Debian or virtualisation
miniconf, but to go to an OpenSolaris conference, or a Mozilla conference,
or a free Java conference, or see stuff about free accounting programs for
Windows, or hear about the latest Fink and Darwin stuff if you own a Mac,
or what's up with ReactOS, or whatever. In effect, it could be a festival
of free software conferences, happening in the same city at the same time,
with aims that are similar and complimentary, but not exactly the same.

By the sounds of things Sydney's probably going to max out the current
way of doing lca's -- with the number of papers they've had to say no to,
the number (and quality) of the miniconfs they've managed to accept, and
the number of attendees they're going to have, so working out new ways
to have lca grow is probably worthwhile -- and with lca going back to its
birthplace in 2008, it might be the right time for that sort of change.

I dunno, maybe it's too big an idea, or not the right time and I guess
ultimately it's up to the mel8ourne team, and the candidates for the
2009 lca to tell us what they thing. But I'd love to see it happen.

a "the Australian Festival of Free Software -- www.fosstival.conf.au" j

[0] http://lists.linux.org.au/archives/linux-aus/2006-September/msg00072.html

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