[Linux-aus] Converting Linux Australia's "Committee" to a "Board"

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sat Feb 17 12:06:10 UTC 2007


I think that you are suggesting that the organisation be led by a 
council of advisors but the work be performed by those in committees who 
are, themselves, assisted by the advisors in the council.

You're suggesting to the organisation:

  1. That a council, board or committee of advisors be elected, who act
     as a "Governing Body"; and
  2. That the organisation elect a Leader and Vice-Leader who act on
     the advice of the "Governing Body" and preside over that body; and
  3. That specific administrative roles be filled by appointment or
     recommendation from the "Governing Body" or wider membership

You are asking the organisation to allow the "Governing Body" to 
delegate more power and responsibility to groups of other people, who 
are called "committees", and for the organisation to delegate its power 
to assign the responsibility for appointments -- such as treasurer and 
secretary -- to the "Governing Body".

Your reasoning is sound but do you think this feeling of "lack of 
empowerment" or "not feeling like first class citizens of the 
organisation" is because of the organisation's structure or because the 
committee -- like many if not all committees throughout the world -- 
hasn't found that one perfect way to run an organisation and keep 
everyone happy?


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