[Linux-aus] Grant Request: Thousand Parsec AI Competition Prizes...

Silvia Pfeiffer silvia at silvia-pfeiffer.de
Wed Feb 7 10:15:02 UTC 2007


how about using it to organise a code-fest event - possibly with
flying interested people together from other AU states?

I'd feel more comfortable with such a networking and community-focused
event. A competition doesn't bring people to gether or motivate them
to become a member of your community for the future.

Just a thought.


On 2/7/07, James Purser <purserj at k-sit.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 23:48 +1100, James Purser wrote:
> > Hi Tim,
> >
> > I've had a read through your grant request, and just have a couple of
> > questions to ask:
> >
> > - Firstly, beyond helping to develop a core part of Thousand Parsecs,
> > how would the granting of this application help the greater community?
> >
> > - Is there another way that LA could help the project through
> > non-monetary means?
> >
> > - What other projects or activities could be done to help the Australian
> > FOSS Gaming scene other than this competition?
> >
> > Just some random thoughts.
> Okay, we appear to have another couple of days to go on this request so
> here's an update from the committee.
> After a bit of discussion last night, we feel a little uncomfortable
> with issuing a grant purely for a cash prize. However what we are really
> looking for is community input. We want to hear from our members on this
> one.
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