[Linux-aus] Paul Wayper's coffee fundraising initiative

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Wed Feb 7 09:41:01 UTC 2007

Trent Lloyd wrote:
> Speaking of which, when's the next order ;)
Well, I was going to start one in March.  But... well, let me tell you a
tale :-)

My initial contact with Kaldi had been to complain that their website
was purely flash-based.  They replied that it was, unbeknownst to them,
the typical student website designer first project and was
unsatisfactory; they were getting it redesigned.  They've now informed
me that the new site will be up soon, and will allow people to order
online.  When ordering, you will be able to select a not-for-profit
organisation to send the profits to, and Kaldi has asked if 'Lynx' (i.e.
Linux Australia) would like to be listed as one of those.  I see this as
the best possibility: they will send it directly to you as soon as it's
roasted and ground, and Linux Australia still benefits.  Sounds like a
great combination to me.

They'll let me know when this is ready - and then I'll let everyone know
how to get coffee _and_ help Linux Australia at the same time.

Thanks very much, Jon, for your kind words; I'm glad to have been able
to help Linux Australia out in some way.

Drink up :-)


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