[Linux-aus] Vista v. Linux Movie

Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 16:27:02 UTC 2007

So so far in terms of things we all agree on we have this:

> > 5) You get provably faster security updates and less time vulnerable to
> > attacks.
> This is a very big plus to promote!!

I think we have quite a range of markets to work with.
Different starting points and conversations are likely to appeal to
different interests. Schools, one owner businesses, medium sized
organisations, community groups, charities, banks.

There will be people who are interested in things which are niche
and people who want to be seen to be making safe choices.

My take on ipod is that Apple generally markets to the niche early in
a product's promotion and then broadens the campaign as the product
saturates 'cool' space and is ready for main stream, this means that
the product still looks cool to the mainstream folks but is also now

Underdog appeals to youth and also would appeal to groups like Amnesty?
Safe appeals to government and small to medium business.
Large businesses often like to present a reputation for having edge
because they are often concerned about being seen to be too
monolithic, they will go for things which make them seem nimble and
dynamic, of being humanistic.
Participative and construvtivist are useful words in an education
theory context.
Access to examples of use in a classroom is useful in an applied
education context.

I think that the things we have in common need not make us look for a
one size fits all marketing approach they can be about how things are

I think the things which are different about an open source conference
can also be different about talking about linux and free software in a
business context.
They are the same things that make me go back to a retailer in a wider context.

Respect for me as a purchaser.
An understanding of the specific needs of my sector and client group.
An interest in understanding how my business works and looking at
where linux can help and where other choices are a best fit for my purposes.
Careful deployment including test phases to minimise impact of any
change on my business. (Case study fact sheets showing due care)
Pricing and support that I can plan around.
Ability to make flexible choices and not to get locked in.
Reliable product. Offer products we are confident of and confident of
our ability to deploy and support.
Responsive and easily contacted.
A sense that I am making a good investment and relationship.

What these things look like in different contexts will be quite different.
We are not a franchise. We are a community or people and a community
of businesses which is able to collaborate and partner well.

I think it might be useful to map the kinds of questions people have
when they want to look at a change in software and to do some fact
sheets up with answers
for different situations, home use, school, etc but I think us all
speaking the same jargon regardless of context is not a good fit for
what we have to offer.


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